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Master Series

Brand: Master Series
No only inflatable but vibrating too. Expand the shaft with the easy squeeze bulb for a full stretched feeling inside. Inflates to a circumference of about 6.25 inches..
Brand: Master Series
Get up close and personal with the Face Fuk from the Master Series. This stretchy, all latex strap on is designed to fit over the mouth or chin. You or your plaything can use it as a gag, or wear it on the chin which leaves the tongue free to roam as the dildo penetrates. The rigid black dildo is ni..
Brand: Master Series
Put a deviant twist on strap on sex with this Master Series Dildo Face Harness. The soft, supple material makes the harness incredibly comfortable, while the wearer looks sexier than ever. This harness incorporates straps that go around your neck and over your head for a secure and fully adjustable ..
Brand: Master Series
Pump up this hard cock and enjoy a swollen, hot rod to pound your partner with! Made of a thin layer of supple silicone over a firm, hollow shaft, this body safe and realistically styled cock works with or without an erection! Pump the easy to use removable bulb to add more and more girth. An elasti..
Brand: Master Series
Penetrate your partner with a long, girthy rod. This realistically textured dong is bulging with ripples and veins. The hollow interior allows a male bodied person to insert their penis during wear, but it also fits perfectly on a female bodied person. The heavy duty harness has sturdy, adjustable s..
Brand: Master Series
This enormous shaft has all the length and girth that your partner has been craving! Stretch them open with this slick dick, massaging them with every bulging vein! The hollow interior allows a male bodied person to insert their penis during wear, but it also fits perfectly on a female bodied person..
Brand: Master Series
If you are interested in adding size and girth to your cock, the Fat Dick Penis Enhancer is the perfect fit! The ring wraps around the scrotum while the penis is inserted into the enhancer. You both will enjoy your amazing new size, and you will not have to worry about premature ejaculation while yo..
Brand: Master Series
Get your motor running with this beguiling cock and ball tire. This thick and durable cock ring has the extra support and strength you need for extended sessions. The snug fit will help keep you rock hard for an extra long ride. Tread can also be used as a ball stretcher. Use your imagination! Measu..
Brand: Master Series
Create more sensitivity and hardness with an erection enhancer that stretches around your shaft and scrotum to separate your balls. As blood flow to your penis and each of your balls is restricted, every sensation will be enhanced. Whether you are masturbating, engaging in foreplay, or even having s..
Brand: Master Series
Reward them within the confines of control with this dual purpose support ring. This teardrop shaped cock ring restricts blood flow and provides erection enhancement while stimulating his perineum, sending him over the edge. This firm, supportive device is made of premium silicone, so it is hypoalle..
Brand: Master Series
This girth enhancing penetration device provides increased size and pleasure, for the wearer and the receiver. With thick walls for a size boost, and internal ribbing for stimulation with every thrust, you can choose to penetrate this versatile sleeve alone or with a partner. Use like a hollow anal ..
Brand: Master Series
They are copiously sized, supremely weighted, and daring you to try them out. These massive orgasm balls are ideal for intense sensation play, and for those who enjoy a nice, full feeling. Made of steel..
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